Trying On Your Birthday Suit: 5 Tips for Getting Used to Public Nudity

Nudity doesn’t come naturally for everyone. Depending on the culture you were raised in, throwing off all your clothes and getting comfy in your B-Day suit around other people might be the stuff of nightmares.


American culture teaches us to feel shameful about our bodies. In the locker room we all turn away and quickly pull our shirts off and just as quickly put more clothes on. The idea of a nude hot springs, or a sauna is enough to make many Americans go white in the face and tremble.

What if you want to get more used to being naked? There are plenty of reasons why. For one, its good for you according to science. Or maybe you are new to the BDSM scene and have gone to a few kink parties and saw a few people frolicking about in the nude and you shyly want to join in. The reasons are endless.

I was comfortable with nudity at a young age. I was just raised that way. I was allowed to run around outside in the nude, and my parents normalized nudity. I became a professional body paint model when I was 21, and spent about 3 years (during college) modeling at various events. That meant being naked in front of hundreds of people, often while the majority of them were clothed. I was mostly unphased by this, but I did learn some valuable tricks about warming yourself up to nudity.

1. Keep Your Socks On

I recommend this trick for people who are nervous about going to the gynecologist as well. Keeping your socks on (especially nice fuzzy cozy ones) tricks your brain into feeling a bit more ‘clothed’ and comfortable. Also for me at least, my feet are the first thing that gets cold when I’m naked. Find socks that are relatively thick and you feel cute/handsome in.

2. Work Your Way Up To It

At play parties I often still keep just my panties on. I have a lot of reasons for this (biggest one is I don’t like to put my pussy on other people’s things. Sitting in chairs completely naked doesn’t feel that nice to me). Even a tiny thong can give you a sense of security, much like the socks. Maybe the first time at a party you can just remove your shirt, and see how you feel about that. Next time take off your pants too. You get the idea.

Pasties can also be part of this. Some events and areas require you by law to have your nipples covered. It sucks, I say free the nipple, but anyways you better cover up your tatas if its required. Make sure you check your local laws about nudity before you get naked in a club or a public place.

3. Don’t Make It Weird

Body positive communities can only exist when the participants all agree to a set ‘code’ of behavior. In nudist/naturalist groups of people, the naked body isn’t a thing to be sexualized, its just there. Everyone has bits of some kind, and they aren’t just for being ogled at. As soon as one person starts to stare or sexualize another person when you are all nude, the personality of the situation shifts drastically. If everyone speaks to each other in the same manner you would if everyone was wearing their winter coats, the situation will be just as relaxed. So don’t stare. Feeling natural in a situation like this takes a little practice. Usually after your initial nerves have worn off, if you are in a group of experienced nudists, you will be able to imitate their behavior.

4. Remember to Breathe

If you feel yourself being anxious, remember to breathe like you normally would. Take even, measured breaths and start to focus on things other than your bits dangling out for the world to see. Enjoy how the air around you feels on your skin, relish in the freedom your lack of pants gives you, and if that reminds you too much of your tatas being out then engage yourself more in other things around you. Become very interested in the snack table, or your friends new bracelet. Once again, when you realize that everyone else is continuing on as normal you will too.

5. Realize That All Bodies Are Different


Going to nudist events will help you realize this all on your own. If you look around, you will see all shapes and sizes. Some people carry their weight differently, the girl over in the corner who is very slim has long dark nipples, a man over there has stretch marks on his belly. Once you see this, your own unique markings and shapes just add to the beauty of variety. Nudist communities attract all shapes and sizes, so get it out of your head that everyone will look like a Vicoria’s Secret model when they get undressed.

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