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Kinky Sprinkles is a sex, relationship and BDSM education resource written by an international kink and sex educator. Some notes from the owner of Kinky Sprinkles:

Teaching Resume

I have taught and assisted with a variety of events all over the world. I’m currently based in Europe. I have a degree in evolutionary biology and ecology, so many of my classes are based on scientific research and I come from a methodical, organized background. I’m funny, engaging and get down to real talk. My classes have been called revolutionary, raw and emotional. I use a mix of live demos, storytelling and traditional lectures to teach.

Past Teaching Engagements

  • Kinky Kollege, Chicago USA 2015
  • Dominants Intensive, CAL (Colorado Center For Alternative Lifestyles)
  • Rome BDSM Conference 2017
  • Hungarian BDSM Conference 2017
  • ROAR Parties UK 2019

Buying Links and Sponsorships

I often receive requests to purchase links on my website. I am against this practice, as I think it is an outdated SEO practice and google doesn’t like bought links. I pride myself in creating quality content and affiliating myself with brands and companies that align with the values of myself and my readers. With that being said, I do accept partnerships and sponsorships. If you would like to sponsor a blog post or a series of blog posts you can send me an email inquiry for pricing.

Product Reviews

I happily review sex toys and other products. If you would like me to review your product send me an email. I receive a lot of these requests, so please email me with your request and we can discuss an arrangement. All of my paid reviews will have a disclaimer on them for my readers so they know I’m reviewing a product that I was given for free/paid for.

I don’t create false reviews if you pay me to review a product you will receive an unfiltered honest review of your product. If you’re curious what that looks like you can take a look at one of my previous reviews here.

Personal Profile

I began as a dominant, and have since learned that I am indeed a switch in a very dynamic sense. My styles of play vary from sadistic rope to puppy play and a lot of things in between. I am queer, which means that my sexuality is complicated and doesn’t fit neatly into a box. I am primarily sexually attracted to women but tend to end up with male romantic partners. During my life, I found myself in a unique position to teach about some of my unique relationship configurations.

On top of all of that, I am poly, and I am very interested in how the poly community is growing and changing. I’m very open talking about my journeys and mistakes, and I always love talking to people about their experiences as well. I’ve had all shapes and flavors of relationships, taught all over Europe and the United States and have been actively involved in alternative lifestyles for my entire adult life.

Kinky Sprinkles is in partnership with XCBDSM.com and is considered the European Chapter of XCBDSM authors.