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Hey there! I go by Fox in most of my social circles. I am a professional by day, and a heavy duty kinkster by night. I discovered the kink scene as a body paint model, when I was hired for an even that was kink related. I was immediately intrigued by the scene and even met one of my first play partners that very night (another body paint model). My journey has been one full of self discovery, some pain, and a lot of fun and happiness.

I began as a dominant, and have since learned that I am indeed a switch in a very dynamic sense. My styles of play vary from sadistic rope to puppy play, and a lot of things in between. In my posts I will dive in to some of these topics and what they mean to me in more depth. I am also queer, which pretty much means that my sexuality is complicated and doesn’t fit well in one of the other boxes. I am primarily sexually attracted to women, but tend to end up with male romantic partners due to just general compatibility. Sometimes I have romantic relationships with no sexual aspect (which is something I will talk about in my posts as well).

On top of all of that I am poly, and I am very interested in how the poly community is growing and changing. I’m very open talking about my journeys and mistakes, and I always love talking to people about their experiences as well.

Professional Career

When I’m not stepping on people and getting strung up by my ankles, I am a digital marketer and designer. More on this in the future, but if you ever wonder why some of my posts look the way they do or how I stay on a regular posting schedule, it is because it is what I do for a living.

Teaching Resume

I have taught and assisted with a variety of events all over the world. I’m currently based out of Denmark. I have a degree in evolutionary biology and ecology, so many of my classes are based off of scientific research and I come from a methodical, organized background.

Past Teaching Engagements

  • Kinky Kollege, Chicago USA
  • Dominants Intensive, CAL (Colorado Center For Alternative Lifestyles)
  • Rome BDSM Conference 2017