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Bottega Nera: Luxury kink/BDSM gift boxes

I’m sooo excited to announce that Bottega Nera now has lovely gift boxes available. I have been working with the company for over a year helping them create beautiful boxes full of sex toys, lingerie and the best BDSM toys that money can buy. I’m excited about having more companies serve the kink community and normalize sex exploration.

Why Gift Boxes?

When I was first getting into kink I was simultaneously overwhelmed by the options in front of me, and also unsure of where to purchase quality equipment. When I would walk through my local sex shop I was dismayed at the quality of the paddles, cuffs and whips. Many sex shops default to the novelty and leave out the actual useable toys. Novelty toys might be great for a joke, but they don’t work for a real play session.

So how do you discover what you like if you can’t even get tools to try it out? One of the main reasons these gift boxes are lovely is that they are designed to be a whole experience in one. The items are carefully selected in a way that can create a whole play-scene, and has several toys for you to try out. The boxes also include tips and guides in how to get started.

For the more seasoned kinkster, the boxes aren’t just the basics. They include quality ESINEM hemp rope, vampire gloves, beautiful wax candles for wax play¬†and much more. I can’t think of a better gift to one of my submissives or for a special occasion.

The bottom line is these boxes give a true sampling of real kink at luxury quality, which isn’t something I’ve seen anywhere else in the world. You can take a look at the current selection of boxes at

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