New to Kink? Start Here

So you’ve decided you might be kinky! Now what? The world is your playground, and you might not know what equipment to play on first. Here are my most popular starter articles to get you introduced to the world of spanking, fun sex and cool relationships.

Crash Course Articles

The best way to figure out what you like in kink (or in life in general, really) is to explore different topics and see what sparks your interest. Here is a list of my most popular Kinky Crash Course articles.

Your First Kink Event – What is it like to go to a dungeon? Or a Munch? What even is a Munch it sounds gross. Here is where you can start. This is one of my most-read articles.

Wax Play – A great intro type of sensation play to try out if you’re curious. Here is a guide on how to do it without burning your eyebrows off (or other hairs…).

Flogging – A guest post by the sexy and adorable Alice Little


How to Find Your Unicorn – Always wanted an emotionally unattached hottie to sleep with you and your boyfriend? This is the post for you.

Polyamory Without Condoms – Pretty self-explanatory, controversial nonetheless. If you’re curious about how I’ve set up condom use in previous relationships this is the article for you. While there are a lot of different opinions on the matter, this is how I deal with a complicated and delicate issue.

Setting Your Boundaries as a Solo Poly Practitioner – If you’re like me and hate people, but also want to date people.