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Live Classes

Below are the classes that I currently offer. Another topic can be requested if enough advance notice is given. If you would like me to come to your event send me a message with the dates, the classes you think would fit best at your event, and your compensation offer.

Turning Up the Heat: Sensual Wax Play

Level: All/Beginners

This class covers the basics of wax play. From which candles are safe to use, to creative ways to remove wax. To see some of the content that I cover take a look at my Kinky Crash Course: Wax Play writing. The class is demo and lecture based. 60-90 minutes.

Strength and Flexibility Training for Rope and Kink

Level: Advanced/Intermediate

Flexibility and strength can improve your endurance in an scene, and help you be aware of your body. This will be a hands on class where I will go through some strength exercises and some beginning flexibility/contortion training that will be focused for rope bondage and other kink activities. 60-90 minutes.

Triangles are My Favourite Shape: Threesomes

Level: All/Beginner

This class can be split into two parts, with part one being lecture based and part two is lecture and demo based.

Part 1: How to Find Your Unicorn and Relationship Navigation

This class covers the complexities of triad relationships and how to find suitable partners that have varying levels of commitment, from a casual hookup to a live in triad relationship.

Part 2: Making Shapes and Staying Safe

A sex positions class for threesomes! How fun! During this class we will cover all the ways to ‘make shapes’ that include three people of any gender configuration (MMM, FFF, MMF, FFM) which will include some very fun live demos. The class will also discuss safe sex in threesomes and how to make sure no one feels left out.

Dangerous When Wet: Drool and Spit

Level: All/Beginner

How do you get someone to drool? What are some ways to use spit in a scene? This class will cover some ways to incorporate spitting and drool into a scene, from the sadistic to the humiliating. I also cover safety considerations and how to make your spit more appealing to your partners. 45-60 minutes

You’re A Mean Bitch: Emotional Sadism

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Physical pain is great, but what about emotional pain? How do you play safely in the realm of hurting someones feelings? Lecture based class with demos when possible covering safety, setup and ideas for emotional sadism.

Safewords Are Not Enough: Communication for BDSM

Level: All

My class Safewords Are Not Enough covers my basic principles of BDSM practice. I talk about how just having a safeword to end play is actually edge play, and how to keep an open line of communication during play. Lecture based.

Safer Sex Toys

Level: All

The sex toy market is unregulated, and some unsafe materials are used for toys that go into your body. This class covers body-safe materials, how to care for toys and how to find safe toys. We will also discuss how to handle BDSM implements to keep them clean and your partners safer.