This page will house reading resources for more info on Poly, Queer and BDSM topics. Check back as this page will always add new resources.

Other Blogs and Websites

Here is a list of other blogs and websites that I recommend (and read myself!).

Mark Mason

Mark Mason is a self help blogger. He doesn’t talk much about any queer/poly/kinky stuff, but I think his perspective on life is really helpful. Often some of my more ‘self help’ topics are inspired from him with a more queer perspective in mind.


XCBDSM is an incredible blog along with being written by a good friend. He talks about BDSM topics in a lot more depth than I do, and also has guest writers regularly. He is a huge influence in the local community and is part of the reason I started blogging in the first place!

More Than Two

I talk about more than two constantly and when I have a friend who starts asking the harder questions about poly, I direct them to this book. The blog is a valuable resource as well.