The Truth about Polyamory (and Monogamy)

I have seen bad, abusive and unhealthy polyamorous relationships. I have also seen beautiful and functional monogamous relationships that last a lifetime.  I also have seen how toxic monogamy can twist our ideas of healthy relationships and how it dominates our cultures to the point that we expect everyone to follow the relationship escalator of marriage and kids, despite high divorce rates. What I’ve found is that the more I observe relationships of all kinds and remain open to their foundation ideas, the more complicated it appears to name the “best” way to have a relationship.

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5 Tips for Happy Metamours

A metamour is the partner of your partner. Your wife’s girlfriend is your metamour. Having a metamour is a unique connection that monogamous relationship styles don’t get to see. A metamour is an opportunity for a larger network of friends, support and love. I have had excellent relationships with my metamours, and I have had […]

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Being Open About Poly

I tend to be fiercely private about my life in most settings. I have always been a bit unconventional in my personal life, and it was hard to be open about it. Just like it was hard to come out to my parents as queer, it was almost just as hard to tell them that […]

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