A Year of Kinky Sprinkles

As 2015 wraps up, so does the first full year that Kinky Sprinkles has been an online resource. Since I have started writing about sex education, kink and polyamory I have had some great feedback and enthusiasm about my articles. I have also taught at awesome events like Kinky Kollege and attended six BDSM conferences. For […]

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How to Find Your Unicorn

STOP FUCKING LOOKING A unicorn is roughly defined as a bisexual woman who is willing to enter a triad like arrangement with a pre-established couple. During my lifetime, I have seen so many personal ads for couples looking for another lady to bring in to their bed. The term Unicorn came about because these women […]

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Coming Soon

Hi, I’m Fox. And I want to be yet another sex educator. Why? Because I think there is room in this world for more sex educators. In the US, our culture is still very fixed in to some unhealthy sexual patterns, including rape culture. A deep misunderstanding revolves around alternative lifestyles. People are afraid of […]

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