A Year of Kinky Sprinkles

As 2015 wraps up, so does the first full year that Kinky Sprinkles has been an online resource. Since I have started writing about sex education, kink and polyamory I have had some great feedback and enthusiasm about my articles. I have also taught at awesome events like Kinky Kollege and attended six BDSM conferences. For […]

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Lazy Negotiations: When Communications Break Down and People Get Hurt

Blanket Consent is negotiated consent that allows two people to perform certain acts without negotiating in the moment. Blanket consent can apply to a specific action (being choked) or to a wide variety of actions (a D/s relationship). Safewords, requests and communication should still be acknowledged and respected even if blanket consent has been negotiated.

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Dear Rope Tops

I love rope. I would consider rope bondage one of my number one kinks. I love it because it is the closest you can get to dancing in bondage. To me, a good rope scene is a conversation. Rope itself is just a tool that lends very well to this conversation. A piece of rope […]

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