Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples Review

The following review is a solicited review. This means that Satisfyer sent me free stuff and asked me for a review in return. I was not paid to give a certain opinion of their products, and never will change my opinion of a product for money. A special thanks to Satisfyer for continuing to send me their products (even when I make dumb jokes in my posts).

I have had my eyes on couples sex toys for a while. I have the Fun Factory: Share which is an amaaazing dildo that I have had so many super sexy nights with other female-identified partners. I have seen insertable toys intended for PIV sex that have an inserted part and vibration that seemed interesting. I was looking forward to trying out Satisfyer’s Pro 4 Couples.

I have reviewed some of Satisfyer’s other toys, you can check out my first review here.

Toy Type: PIV  “couples” toy with vibration. Intended to sit between the partners and stay in place during sex

For Who: Penis and Vulva having couples

Materials: Silicone, ABS plastic

Design: Rose gold and white. Looks like if an instagram model designed a space ship

Intensity: Medium-High

Cool Features: Waterproof, magnetic charging

 First Impressions

Kinky sprinkles Satisfyer 4 couples review
I pretty much only use Boomerang for making gifs of sex toys

It seriously looks like a spaceship. Does anyone else see it? Ok, moving past that, I hate that white ‘medical’ color paired with rose-gold. If you read my last review of Satisfyer you’ll know this is nothing new. I also like to make spaceship sounds when I hold it. Sexy right?

The biggest negative first impression that I had was the smell when I opened the package. It smelled baaaad, like chemicals. This isn’t exactly a bad or worrisome thing, if you’re curious a bit more about the how and why you can read this article by Dangerous Lilly. I tried washing it and letting it air out. After leaving it out for 2-3 days the smell was completely gone, I would recommend doing the same with toys of proper quality that smell a bit out of the box.

When I imagined a couples toy, I never expected satisfyer would add the suction element to the toy, so I was a little surprised about that as well. I imagined the suction part battering against my sensitive girl bits and was pretty concerned.

My Experience

I should say “our” experience because obviously I needed another person with outie parts to help me out, but he didn’t really have any strong thoughts about it…other than probably not enjoying hearing me complain about it the whole time we were trying to get jiggy with the-spaceship-between-us.

The first issue I ran into was the debate about when does the toy go in. Does it go in before the dingalang, and you hold it in place for wiener insertion? Or do you put the penis in first and then kind of poke the toy in like and extra unwanted finger afterwards? We tried both and didn’t seem to find a comfortable way to have it enter the party.

And then there is the suction element. If you aren’t familiar with suction based toys, there is a small oval piece that is supposed to sit on the clitoris. The intended feeling is a tugging/suction that is quite different to your standard vibration. I’ve found that like with all things that are suction, having a good “lock” on the clitoris, window, bathtub, whatever is being sucked onto is the only way to make them work. If you have a window that is wiggling around all the time, you’re going to have a hard time getting the right suction pressure. So suction toys only work if you stay still, which I don’t know about you but for me, doesn’t happen ever in PIV sex.

So instead there is this large hard piece of plastic ramming you in the clit, with the added weight of someone else ramming it. It hurts. Bad. And it doesn’t want to stay in, it pops out every few seconds. I was so frustrated trying to manage the toy that I wasn’t even enjoying having sex. It ended up abandoned halfway through so that I could enjoy my partner instead of fighting this slippery spaceship. The part that goes inside of you feels like a hard, interrupting finger poking between you and your partner.

The ‘finger’ portion that is inserted inside also vibrates. Personally I hate internal vibration, it doesn’t feel like much to me other than sometimes making me feel like I have to poop. Not sure if that is a personal problem, but worth noting in case other people do feel the same. I did successfully use ‘insertion’ part on my clitoris to orgasm once, so there’s that. I never thought I would have such a battle with a sex toy while trying to have sex.

The Verdict

Sadly, the Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples is a miss. Utterly and completely. The function of having a suction toy on a couples toy flat out doesn’t work. Also compared to other couples toys that have had years to slim down the profile of the toy and find something that might stay in place better, the Pro 4 Couples is bulky, painful and doesn’t enhance the enjoyment of the couple.

The only note I could make in a positive light is that this toy might be suitable for a movement impaired couple that doesn’t have rough or dynamic sex. The toy then might be able to be held in place and enhance the experience. If anyone that fits that description tries it I’d love to hear their thoughts!

Where to Buy it: Please find a reputable online or local sex shop to purchase sex toys. Avoid Amazon and Ebay for vibrators and other sex toys (you can find out why from the amazing Dangerous Lily). I live outside of the US, and because I primarily choose to purchase my toys in-person I don’t feel comfortable recommending a shop that I cannot fully vet. You can see Dangerous Lily’s recommendations.

A special thanks to Satisfyer for sending me their products and allowing me to create an honest and unbiased review.



5 thoughts on “Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples Review

  1. I wish I had seen this before I purchased mine. WHEN I purchased mine there were little reviews I could find, other than Venus O hara but she didn’t test the toy with another person.

    The first time I tried using it with my partner is was excruciating. We gave up a few minutes in and I chalked it down to my anatomy must be weird or something.

    I’m glad to know it’s not just me.

    I’ve kept it to be used as a solo toy only, but in all honesty, I doubt I’ll ever need to use it solo considering I have the lelo sona 2, the Womanizer w500, and several of the satisfyers but the only one I ever go back to is the womaniser w500 every time.

    It’s obvious now why some of the more reputable companies don’t even list the 4 couples for sale on their websites. I guess it didn’t pass their tests.

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