A Sampling of Fun, Sexy Things to Do in NYC

New York City is an iconic vacation destination. We see it all the time in movies, and it is probably one of the most visited cities in the US. I went for the first time this summer, and despite not being much of a big-city lover, I found a few fun, sexy things to do while I was in town.

1. The Museum of Sex

Museum of Sex in NYC entrance

I can’t remember the first time I heard about the Museum of Sex, but it immediately went on my wishlist. My favorite sex/kink related museum has always been The Leather Archives in Chicago, so it was time to take a look at a new one. The Museum of Sex has a $20 entrance fee, which I thought was kind of expensive at first. You can also spend a few extra dollars to go into the boob bouncy castle. Yep, I said it, boob bouncy castle.

Although small compared to many other NYC museums, the exhibits were well designed and covered a variety of topics from the sex lives of animals to the history of pornography.

museum of sex deer
Sex lives of animals

I especially liked the Sex Lives of Animals exhibit, because hey, that is pretty much what I studied in university. Overall the museum was informative, fun and high quality. As a sexy-minded person I would recommend giving it a look-see. My partner and I were the only ones in the museum (it was around 10am on a Sunday), so I hope that on other days the museum is more popular.

The museum also has a selection of fun gifts and toys in the shop, only of high quality. They also had some beautiful leather harnesses and collars I was drooling over.

2. The Pleasure Chest

The Pleasure Chest was a bit out of my way to go visit, but I don’t regret the trip one bit! This sex toy shop is one of the most comprehensive and beautiful ones I have ever been to. I could have stayed there for hours if I wasn’t on a tight schedule. They had one of the best selections of toys, vibrators and high quality kink toys that I’ve seen in a shop. One other thing I loved about them was they had a lot more dildos out for display than other shops. I’ve never had the chance to feel a vixskin toy before and always wanted to, and they are the only shop I’ve ever been to that had a floor model for you to test. It’s the little things (or kind of big, silicone things in this case).

The staff are really welcoming and helpful, and I bought a new Clandestine Mimic that I can’t wait to review.

3. Victoria’s Secret Flagship Store


The Flagship Store in NYC is four levels of lingerie heaven. Despite being somewhat ‘mainstream’ I’ve always loved the styles and quality of Victoria’s Secret. The store has the biggest selection you’ll be able to find, a super fancy waiting and phone-charging room for your significant other to wait for you while you try on clothes, and a museum on the top floor.

The museum features the actual outfits worn on the runway as well as descriptions about how VS designs their runway outfits. I’m not super into fashion, but I did spend a ton of money on undies.

Overall Impressions

Poster in the window of a gallery in NYC during pride week

Overall I didn’t actually like NYC. It’s too big, stinky and loud for me. However, I do enjoy going to these hubs of culture and getting to experience the prime of sexy-ness. I also coincidentally was in NYC during pride, which added to the fun.

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