HER App Review: Hell Yes For Women

Being a queer woman is hard. Depending on where you live, it can be difficult to meet other available women. Gay men have Grindr, straight people have Tinder (plus a huge number of other dating apps, plus you know, the advantage of being heterosexual). Women have always had a little bit less in the realm of online dating. OKCupid was my go to for a while, but it has been less useful lately. So where do girls meet other girls?

I met one of my current girlfriends through partner dance, and I met the other through kink parties. So I do OK for myself (usually with the help of a wingman) but I’m always looking for some awesome way to network and socialize with other woman. While I was on a Buzzfeed binge watching session I came across this gem of a video. As I was giggling about the silliness of creating someone else’s dating profile, I gasped when they mentioned they were using a new app called HER.

What!? A dating app for women! I immediately downloaded HER and began setting up my profile. Currently the app is only available for iPhone and in some countries.

Design and Functionality

HER is sexy, elegant and easy to use. I was delighted with the incorporation of Instagram as well as Facebook to link your profile (I don’t have an Instagram but I hear they are pretty cool). The app works in a very similar way to Tinder, where you can ‘like’ a photo on a user’s profile and if they also like a photo on your profile, you are invited to chat with your match. You also get notified of people who like your profile, so you can go check them out. TechCrunch featured the app, which is growing quickly with increasing demand for an android version of the app.

So That’s Where All The Women Are

I was giddy with excitement when I started flipping through my matches on HER. Unlike Tinder, where after about 10 or so women their proximity to me is 30+ miles, I was rolling in matches that obviously lived in the same town as me. Women who actually liked other women, and weren’t just on their looking for a threesome. I pretty quickly had some matches and began chatting. I haven’t gone on any dates quite yet as I’m a busy bee, but I have chatted with some people I would happily ask on a date.

Excited to See It Grow

I think that HER has the right functionality, design and marketing team to really take off. I’m excited to see it become a useful tool for gay women to make friends and build relationships.


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