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Hi, I’m Fox. And I want to be yet another sex educator. Why? Because I think there is room in this world for more sex educators. In the US, our culture is still very fixed in to some unhealthy sexual patterns, including rape culture. A deep misunderstanding revolves around alternative lifestyles. People are afraid of what they do not know, so I want to teach. Show people that there are seemingly ‘normal’ people who also like a little kink in their lives, or have a wife AND a girlfriend, or like to pretend to be a puppy on the weekends.

Why am I qualified to talk about these things? Everything I’m going to spit out on this page will be backed by whatever research and knowledge I can verify, and flavored with some of my own opinion. Some things will come with the warning that they are exclusively my opinion, but I think that I have some valuable views to share. I’ve been in many different variations of poly and monogamous relationships. I am queer, kinky, switchy, and slightly non-binary.

I have a lot to say about specific topics like my favorite kinks and how to do them safely (rope and emotional sadomasochism being on the top of that list), my experiences with poly, and reporting on other things that are happening in the kinky world. I haven’t decided on a posting schedule yet but I will post frequently, and will also be cross posting on some other blogs (to be announced at a later time). I will be available for cross posting on lots of blogs, so if you have a blog or want to see me write somewhere put a good word in! I am also available for conventions and podcasts.

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